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Acclaimed life coach and author Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” gives valuable tips to reduce anxiety

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New York City, New York Sep 7, 2023 ( – Eric North is an eminent author and life coach who has found his purpose in helping others find their ultimate happiness and aplomb in life. Eric is also known as, ‘The Happiness Warrior’ as he guides other people to reach their full potential and helps them sail through this challenging journey of life. He has recently come out with his remedy for his followers to reduce anxiousness from their daily lives, which according to the coach is one of the main reasons that holds a person back from achieving their goals. Eric says that anxiety is something that all humans share and must learn to accept. However, the natural choice is in how people process anxiety and the attitude they take towards dealing with it.

According to the life coach, people live in a world that encourages them to be less than who they are capable of being and causes them to become dependent on others for how they live their lives. This is the leading cause that makes people feel anxious, fearful, and lose all hope. At the same time, this can make people seek false leaders whose charisma and angry words seek to control their minds. These are not necessarily self-acclaimed gurus, but they can be friends, co-workers, or the media, everywhere people turn someone or something is telling them to be afraid or distrust someone or something without any valid facts or truths.

As The Happiness Warrior, North believes that happiness is a basic human right that benefits all of humankind. It is about being truthful with who people are without the need for external praise and confirmation. It is also about believing and living in their core values and knowing that every problem has a solution. Eric acknowledges that life is hard for everyone, but it’s always more life-affirming when people tell themselves that they will no longer live in a mindset of fear. According to the lionized author, the trick is to say each fear aloud, which makes them smaller. This helps to understand that each step people take toward conquering their fears and anxieties helps them improve the quality of their lives. Once people begin to conquer fear they can begin to believe in themselves again. So the key is starting small and taking each victory as a challenge that they’ve won.

North states focusing on emotional regulation helps with anxiety and plays a big part in reducing it. He draws attention to the fact that most of the mistakes that people make are when they react quickly without taking time to reflect and process the incoming stimulant. He further states that these quick reactions are usually ego-based with no clear target or reason other than to strike back and create hurt for other people. It might seem so personal, but in the end, people realize that it is not. So the only way people can get better is if they stop focusing on perceived slight and harm and realize that self-regulation comes from within. So it is important to understand the virtue of solitude and engaging in activities that they enjoy. As the journey of self-confidence starts with their inner selves, these activities can help heighten self-awareness, increase feelings of self-worth, and boost our confidence in all situations. Eric tells his followers to focus on self-confidence which proves to be an extremely important part of reducing anxiety.

North asks his followers to learn to cultivate personal discipline. It starts with focusing on something that we do well and showing up for ourselves is the path to greater happiness, fulfillment, and the ability to see things through. The Happiness Warrior further states that people never know what others are thinking, yet they spend too much time letting these thoughts roam through their consciousness. The only way to escape this is by allowing the opinions of others not to influence their thinking unless they want to be controlled. The best path is to detach and let go resulting in the anxiety diminishing. For that people need to practice being fully present in all situations as the present is all that matters.

The renowned author and life coach asks everyone who is battling anxiety to adopt a “ready for anything” mindset and be mentally prepared for change. At the same time, he also asks people to stop focusing on negative self-created feelings and emotions as most of them are misdiagnosed and take up too much irreplaceable time. Instead, focusing on understanding the triggers and saying them aloud is a way to make them less dramatic and hurtful. To overcome this battle it is necessary for people to not let others upset their momentum and feeling of balance. So Eric says to start with adopting a positive dialogue for themselves and others as it will always create more peace of mind. For more pieces of advice, follow Eric at:

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